Basques Experience


Basques is a play on 'Basque Cuisine' or 'Basquaise' which typically means a type of dish with a strong Spanish and French influence. Originally from the Basques - an ethnic group that resides on both north-central Spain and south-western France, we now bring this conceptual dining experience to the heart of Dubai's Emaar boulevard.

We offer both traditional Spanish and French cuisines, as well as the more unique Basque fusion - masterfully created dishes for the discerning pallete.

We offer original cuisine and concept created by consultant chef Enzo Garcia with chef Jean Peirret-Luc. A superior dining service awaits you within the Basques walls.

  • Pimientos Asados
    Red and Green bell peppers with parsley and mint leaves tossed in extra virgin olive oil topped with freshly ground black pepper and toasted garlic.
  • Bouillabaisse
    Rustic seafood stew of fish meat and shellfish served with a slice of French bread and rouille spread.
  • Pintxos
    Basque country style tapas comprised of nine bite sized slices of French bread spread with creamy ricotta cheese topped with fresh herbs, vegetables, and cold cuts
  • Polpo
    Octopus tentacle, pepper, smoked paprika, zucchini
  • Spicy Basque Style Chicken
    Fillet of chicken breasts flavored with smoked paprika gently sautéed in olives, tomatoes, and diced chilies topped with prosciutto served with annatto rice.
We are always looking for new ventures. If you are looking to expand the brand with us, lets setup a dinner meeting on us.
Basque Experience